MY 'So Far' STORY!


                                             BROKEN YOLK

‘My life is so boring’. I’ve been scribbling in my journal for the past 45 minutes. I normally don’t write in my journal. I mean, why would I ever want to write about my boring, uncool, dull, life? I’m 15 ½ and live in Florida. I work at Sonic and the lame part about it is that they HAD to take my picture and ya, you guessed it, I looked incredibly retarded. I had huge bags under my eyes and my hair looked like it just wrestled with a furious baby tiger. But I guess I shouldn’t be so harsh on myself. I can say I am a pretty good looking girl. I’m tall, skinny, and my mom loves my eyes. “KAMRYN JOICE DAVIS!” my mom screamed, “GET OVER HERE THIS INSTANT.” I sprang up from the carebear blanket I was laying on outside. I could here the sincerity in her voice. “YA MOM?” I yelled. I dashed inside. My mom was standing next our big stainless steel refrigerator, Tyler at her side. ‘Crap’ I mumbled to myself. I was supposed to be watching over my baby brother. I took him outback with me so he can go dig in our miniature sandbox. He must of sneaked back into the house. “What do you say about this?” my mom pointed down to the big puddle of yolk and egg shells, her eyes still staring me down. I gasped. “Ummmm...” I hesitated, trying to find the right words but I started babbling, “I was just outside writing in my journal I kept an eye on him he was supposed to be playing in the sandbox but he must have snuck by, open the door, crawl over to the refrigerator and chuck the eggs to the floor. I am so sorry I was”- my mom cut me off. “YOU DON’T EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF HIM FOR ONE-TENTH OF A SECOND. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” I just decided to go with her flow; I didn’t have the strength to argue with her. I just realized I was very tired. “Yes mom,” I said. I glared down at my baby brother but then yawned. “DID YOU JUST YAWN?” my mom wasn’t in a happy mood. She just got back from school. She is learning on how to be a nurse and had a very important test today that she spent so much time studying on. “I HAVE BEEN STAYING UP EVERY NIGHT WATCHING OVER ALL THE FAMILIES STUPID BUTTS WITH A BIG TEST TO STUDY ON GETTING NO HELP WHATSOEVER. ALL YOU GIVE ME IS A BORING YAWN? WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM ME YOUNG LADY? NOW YOU CAN GET ON YOUR OWN BUTT AND CLEAN THIS MESS UP WHILE I CLEAN AND PUT TYLER TO BED.” She grabbed Tyler and stomped upstairs. Before she left I could tell in her eyes that she didn’t mean to be so mean. She had a big day so I decided to forgive and forget. I snatched a damp washcloth from the sink and started mopping up the floor. I looked at the clock, 8:00 it read. It must have taken me a whole thirty minutes just to wipe up some eggs. I tossed the now dirty washcloth back into the sink. I went to sit down on the sofas to watch some T.V. Everything was so boring. No good channels. Just some cooking shows, history shows and some weird Spanish shows that I couldn’t understand at all. I just decided to watch a history show. After a couple of minutes it did start to get better than I thought it would. It was about some crazy spy dudes. They talked about how they went all around the world saving a bunch of people. ‘Man’ I thought, ‘now they don’t have a boring life at all.’ And then it dawned on me, ‘my own mom even said that I had a boring yawn.’ Well, I guess it fits the puzzle pretty well, boring life and boring yawn. I must have been watching the show until 10:00 because it ended. ‘I better get to bed.’ I told myself, so I trudged to my room.                                                                                                                                                     


                                                 CHAPTER 2


I woke up to my noisy alarm. Today is Saturday, why is my stupid alarm clock ringing? I slammed the palm of my hand on the snooze button and pulled my covers over my face. I groaned, ‘how am I ever going to go back to sleep?’ It was 6:30am. I slowly lifted my feet and gently placed them inside my slippers that were at the bottom of my bed. I bent down and threw my robe on and tippy-toed across the hallway. I peeked into my parent’s room, they were still asleep. I had one baby brother who was snug in his cradle and my other brother, Wesley, about 14 years old. When I reached the end of the stairs I saw him sitting at the bar eating some cheerios. “Wes,” I whispered, “why are you up so early?” He was startled to see that I was also up early. All he said back to me was “ditto.” He looked so plain this morning. His dark brown hair in a mess like mine, but he looked like he slept well. Wes and I look pretty identical. Even though I was one and a half years older than him, we had the same color hair, and the same poop color eyes. He was pretty well built for his age, also tall, like me. I went and grabbed a bowl from the cupboard and a spoon from the droor, sat them on the bar went to turn the T.V. on, snatched the remote from the sofa and plopped down on the stool, remote in hand, next to my brother. The milk and cheerios were already out so I started serving myself. History was again playing on the T.V. this time about ancient superheroes like Hercules. I quickly switched the channel to SpongeBob. Somehow SpongeBob got this almighty wizard hat so he now had powers. All of a sudden Tyler started screaming from his room. My mom immediately scrambled to his room. I could tell because I heard her footsteps banging on the floor. “There goes Tyler again,” I murmured to myself. Wesley must have heard because he agreed with me. “Kamryn,” my mom called down the stairs “can warm up Tyler some milk and bring it up here?” I moaned but did as she told me to. She must have heard the T.V. and thought it was me down here. What if it was just Wesley and not me? SpongeBob started to laugh, ‘shut up’ I told him in my mind. Wes was just silently finishing up his cheerios as I was placing Tyler’s bottle on the milk warmer. He grabbed the remote from the bar and sprawled across the sofa, leaving no space available for anyone else to join him. When the milk for Tyler was finally finished I skipped one stair at a time till I reached the top. My mom was sitting on the lazy chair inside Tyler’s room rocking him while he slowly cried himself to sleep. “All he needs is a little warm milk to give him some nice good dreams.” My mom said happily. “Isn’t that right my little Tyler wyler?!” she was gently touching her nose to Tyler’s and rubbing it back and forth. “Oh mom,” I said while rolling my eyes, “here’s Tyler’s milk.” I set it on the nightstand and slid downstairs to finish my cheerios. Wesley was still sprawled along the sofa. I sat down on the stool and finished up my cheerios. They were all soggy, but I didn’t care, I was hungry. I sipped the rest of my milk and put my bowl and spoon in the sink. I also had to put the cheerios and cartoon of milk away. I walked over to the couch and all I had to say was “move” and he took one side of the couch so I could have the other. Wes and I just sat there for the eleven more minutes of SpongeBob. I figured that SpongeBob got way “into” his super powers and he wrecked the whole town, including Sqiudward’s home. Squidward was so angry at SpongeBob that he stole the hat and tried it on himself. Everything turned to chaos but Sandy and Patrick had a Peace Treaty be signed and that somehow got everything reorganized. Ya, SpongeBob is a dumb show but come on, you’ve got to watch it once and a while. It was 7:30am. I have work today starting at 9:00am. I deliver the food on roller blades. At least it isn’t for the whole day. I get off at 2:00pm. Wesley wasn’t talking very much so far today. He must be tired. I was tired too! But Wesley beat me up the stairs so I had to shut the T.V. off. As I was heading up the stairs to take a short nap, I somehow managed to trip, “whoa!” I screamed but I lashed my hand out to grip the railing before I tumbled to my death (more like broken bones than death). Wesley bolted out of his room to see why I had screamed “whoa”. He saw my hand gripped to the railing and to my surprise he just started chuckling. “Oh stop chuckling Mr. Santa Claus and help me.” I grumbled. He ran to my back and held it up so I can regain my balance. I didn’t even say thank you I just stomped to my room. I heard him still chuckling behind me. Today is not going to be my day. As I shut my door. I fell to my bed, exhausted. I couldn’t really go back to sleep even for a short nap so I just laid there thinking... thinking of the reason my hand was as quick as lightning to save my self from tumbling down the stairs. It must have just been one of those lucky times. I thought about that for thirty minutes until 8:00am. Time to get ready for work. Straight across the hallway from my room was the bathroom and I made way for it. The shower was so refreshing since I woke up so early on a weekday. I brushed my teeth, fixed my hair into an appropriate do and slugged into my ugly work uniform. 8:40am the clock read. I better get going. I’ve got to walk. Sonic wasn’t to far away, we lived in a neighborhood that had a park at one side and we were on that side. You just have to walk across the park to get to all the businesses, a.k.a. cluster of shops, entertainment and restaurants. Sonic was one of those restaurants. I went downstairs. My dad was making omelets. “Ohhh dad, why do you have to make that yummy food now?” I complained. He happens to make yummy food just when I was going to work. “Don’t complain Kammy, there will be plenty when you get back.” my dad tried to sound really kind. Unless Wes eats it all, he is such a pig. I didn’t look at my dad, I just decided to start walking to work. I went out the back door trying not to slam it, but I wasn’t very successful. As I walked across the park I saw this man. He looked about in his mid twenties, tall black hair that was cut short like my brothers. He was in a suit and tie, talking in a Bluetooth. ‘Weirdo’ I thought. Why in the world would there be an FBI dude here at the park? Well, he looked like an FBI dude. I best just ignore him because he was staring at me, thinking I couldn’t see him. As I was walking past the parking lot I must have saw his car because It was the nicest one parked there and it is also my dream car. It was a mustang, a black mustang. A wave of jealousy ran through me. Lucky dog. I pasted the parking lot and ran the rest of the way to Sonic. I burst in, everyone turned to stare at me and my face flushed a bright red. “Sorry,” I said shyly and carefully walked the rest of the way to my tiny locker where I kept my rollerblades. I took my rollerblades out and laid them next to the bench I will soon sit on. I slipped my Tennies off and shoved them to the back of the locker along with my purse. The locker didn’t even work with the locks. My boss, Danny, said they were just there so we have a place to keep all our ‘crap’, as he would say. I strapped my blades on ready to serve food and strolled over to the log. I signed my name, scribbled the time I got here and grabbed my nametag from the hook. “Ready for work Ms. Kamryn?” Danny asked, peeking at me from around the corner. “Yes sir!” I cheerfully yelped. “Good, because we are going to be real busy today.” Danny said, “you need to start right now!” I got to work.

                                                5 hours later

Finally! I was worn out by the hard days work and my feet were starting to get blisters on them. “See ya Mr. Danny!” I yelled right before I got out of the door. “Bye Ms. Kamryn!” he yelled back. He wants all of us, Sonic workers, to call each other Mr. /Ms. Then their first name. It is a pretty easy way to remember everyone’s name. I rushed out the door. Free! Wait! I can’t forget my purse! And I still have my blades on! I groaned. I really must be in a hurry, but for what? I pulled the door open. Again everyone stared at me. I looked straight at my locker and hurried towards it. I switched my blades for my shoes and grabbed my purse. “Don’t forget to log out!” Danny cried after me. “Oh ya! Thanks for reminding me Mr. Danny!” I scrambled toward the log and did the usual on it. “Bye, again, Mr. Danny!” I called. He must have not heard me because he never answered. I finally REALLY rushed out the door. I spotted a big, white van circling around. The kind of vans that bad guys drive and stuff little children in the back. I shivered. Creepy! The windows were even tinted! I picked up my pace. They slowly follow behind me, but then came to an abrupt stop. Nobody was around, but I was ready, I can scream loud. I started to hyperventilate. Slowly I breathed in and out, trying to stay calm. It wasn’t working, my breathing started to quicken and my legs started wobbling from fear. I have never, ever been in this kind of situation. I have been safely raised all my life. But know I am 15, I am not a baby anymore. I have learned in the past that I wasn’t a baby anymore and I needed to take care of myself, but today, this instant, I wanted to become a baby! The men jumped out of the car, being careful not to look too crazy. They started following me. Where am I going to go?! My heart was pounding rapidly in my chest. I felt like I was going to faint! I turned a corner, not knowing where the heck I was going to go. ‘Just go home!’ my conscious told me. Good idea, just go home! I haven’t thought of that. The men were about 10 paces behind me. I swung around another corner and ran to swing around another, trying to get away from them. They ran right behind me. Where the heck are all the people around here? HELLO! I’m going to die! No, I am not going to die. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! Crap! A dead end, an alley way! I circled around, trying to find any possible way to escape. Walls all around me! I started panicking. They found me, coming up to strangle me! I was ready to scream. MAN! I wish I had invisibility powers! And then, that split second, I vanished. “WHERE’D SHE GO?!” one of the men called. I could see them standing there, ready to pounce on me. ‘I am right here you dumb nuts. Can’t you se me?’ I thought to myself. I best be quiet, if they can’t see me, the better. I held my hand in front of my face. I couldn’t see any trace of myself. I am invisible! I can’t be invisible though! That is impossible. The 4 freaky men started searching frantically for me. They were coming close. I am sure they would at least be able to feel me! I ran. I looked back to see them but fell onto a trashcan. I became myself again. They could see me. “THERE SHE IS!” one man called “GET HER!” They all started sprinting after me. I couldn’t scream, my voice was struck and I was way too frightened! How come I became invisible? ‘Think invisible,’ I thought to myself, ‘invisible, invisible, invisible!’ I disappeared. Whoa! I think I am going to learn to like this skill! I looked behind me again, being more careful to not fall. They were gone. Did the men give up on me? I stopped running and stealthily turned around to walk back the other way. I turned a corner. There they waited, but there are only two of them! Where is the other two? I started panicking again. I slowly faded back into my regular self. I heard a leaf crunch behind me and I swung around. There’s the other two. “No!” I said fiercely. All of them oddly stared at me, and they began stepping backward, one careful step at a time. I blinked in disbelief. What are they doing? But one of the men held their hand out to the side of him. “Stop” is all he said and the men realized what they were doing. They retraced their steps back towards me. ‘Invisible, invisible, invisible!’ my brain was racking with that one word. I disappeared again and at that second I was already on my way. They heard me run and raced along side me. I came to a playground. Maybe if I climb on top of the monkey bars… my thoughts trailed off but my legs made the choice for me. I sprinted for the big toy. I got to the sand, my footprints making the indents in the raked sand. Not a good choice! They saw the sand kicking up behind me. “THERE!” one of the evil men called. The place was deserted. No one was around to save me. I glimpsed to where the FBI dudes car was. It was still there but I couldn’t see if he was in it because the windows were also tinted. I didn’t know what to do. I grabbed onto the monkey bars, struggling to pull myself up. The men saw my footprints end. They lashed through the air, trying to get a grip of me. I was on top of the monkey bars; I just needed to pull me feet up. I wasn’t fast enough. One of the men grabbed my foot. “Ahhhhhhhh!” I screamed. “SHE IS HERE!” croaked the man holding my foot. They all grabbed my foot and started yanking me down. My invisibility wore off. I got a glimpse of the FBI dude next to his car holding a gun, and before I new it, I was positive I was dead.

                                             CHAPTER 3



I was sure I was in heaven. I was in a room. The wall, ceiling, and floor were all white. But in the distance, I heard a faint voice. “Kamryn… Kamryn, can you hear me?” my eyes were halfway open. There stood a beautiful woman. She was gorgeous. She had long curled blonde hair and was wearing pointy high-heels with an elegant royal blue dress that was tight to her body. Her eyes were a weird shade of green, a very dark shade of green, forest green (very pretty, probably contacts) and her face was just perfect. Behind her was the FBI dude. The FBI dude! My eyes jolted open, fully alert. “Oh!” the beautiful woman gracefully said, “hello Kamryn Davis.” I was so confused. “What?” I mumbled. I felt real drowsy. “Sweetie honey, don’t worry, you are safe. Come on, we need to get you fixed up. Your parents are fine, don’t worry about them.” The woman gestured to the FBI dude and he swiftly lifted me up with one hand and carried me like he was the fireman and I was just rescued from a collapsed building. “Hey, wait…what are you doing?” my words sounded like they were muffled. He didn’t say anything. They took me to a neat room. A king sized bed with my own hot tub in the bathroom. A full 60 inch plasma screen T.V. and a huge marble fireplace. The man left me on my bed, the woman stayed behind, though. “Please get dressed,” she commanded, “I will come and get you in an hour.” She quietly closed the door. I heard her high heels fade away from tapping on the hard floor. I groaned. I just wanted to sleep all day. ‘Where am I? Why am I here? Who are these people? Are my parents worried? Am I in heaven?’ I had so many questions. I backtracked on what they told me, ‘please get dressed, I will come and get you in an hour.’  Come and get me in an hour? Hmmm… hopefully they’ll tell me everything. Actually, they better tell me everything. I stood up too quickly so I laid back down. After laying (thinking about mainly nothing) for about 2 minutes, I decided to check the room out a little more. I went into the bathroom. It was huge! There was a walk-in closet, a beautiful shower that was separated from the gigantic bathtub and the hot tub was unbelievable. “Where am I?!” I asked myself again, this time out loud. I walked back to my bed, scanning for a phone. There was no phone, not even a computer, and no communication whatsoever. I started panicking. ‘Ok, calm down Kamryn, calm down.’ I skipped over to the plasma screen T.V. “am I in heaven?!” I kept asking the same questions over and over again. I flicked the T.V. on SpongeBob was playing, what a coincident. I immediately flicked it off and decided to take a nice warm shower to calm me down and wake me up a little more. I found towels on an elegant rack above the toilet. The toilet was close enough to the shower so I just jumped in. the shower felt so good after what seemed like a long day. I wonder what time it is. It has got to still be Saturday. I cannot believe that I can’t call my parents. Who are these people?! They have no right to kidnap me and then shoot me with a dart gun! I can’t believe I am kidnapped. Those men want me for something and also that beautiful lady that is so kind to me. I finished up taking my shower, which seemed like an eternity, and found a pair of black slacks and a white collared shirt on the king-sized bed waiting for me. Ok… I am officially creeped out. This is not supposed to be happening to me… at least it shouldn’t be happening to me. I threw on my new outfit, which surprisingly fit me, and turned toward the huge clock on the wall. It has been supposedly 40 minutes; the beautiful lady was coming to get me in 20 minutes. I could watch T.V. but why waste such valuable time? I crept out to the hallway. The only way to figure out what this place was is to explore. I like exploring… I guess. The hallway was a short, stubby-like little thing. It had large vases on platforms hugging the walls. I turned the corner and the gracious figure was stiff as a statue waiting for me. “Whoa!” I yelped and jumped slightly back. She took a step forward to me -looking straight in my eyes- and said, “I see you are all done.” I gulped. Her breath was heavy with minty-fresh mints. “Ummm… um… yes, I-I am done.” I horribly stuttered. “Good.” She took the back of my arm and pulled me along with her, trying to do so gently. We walked down a hall similar to the one outside my room, there were just more doors lining the walls. She turned into a door that had a nameplate bolted onto the wall saying ‘CONFERENCE ROOM.’ We were the only people there except for one FBI dude (the same one that I saw in the white room and also the one that shot me with the dart gun. Even if he does have those dark sunglasses on -covering his identity- I could somehow tell who he was. There was nothing special about him, he just seemed familiar) and another man, in his late forties. He has a black suit on with a plain, old, purple tie; he has a gray mustache and his skin is very dark, African-American. He looks tough, like he was trained in military school and was a general. For some reason, I took a liking to him. He was cool! He is the best that knows everything, it seems like. The lady walked me over to a chair and sat me down, then took her own place at the long oval table. She smiled at me, “Okay,” everyone turned their eyes towards her, “today is a very important day! As you can see,” she lifted her hand to point at me, “we have a very special guest. We usually aren’t this lucky! Her name is Kamryn Davis.” The FBI dude quietly raised his hand. “Not right now, Chief, let Kamryn talk.” And he slowly put it down. ‘Okay, so the FBI dudes name is Chief. I wonder what his real name is.’ I was daydreaming.  “Kamryn!” she snapped, “can you tell us anything?!” I shook my head to wake myself up but they misunderstood me. “Well, Kamryn doesn’t have anything to say so, Chief, what were you going-” I cut her off, accidentally yelling “NO!” I realized what I said and corrected myself, “I mean… ummmm… yes I do have lots of commentssssa and questions,” I hissed the s’s and added an annoying a at the end. “Speak to us, Kamryn, it’s all yours.” The cool-guy said. “To start off…” I wasn’t shy at all, just ready to give them a piece of my mind, “I have a question, maybe a couple of questions. First of off, why did you kidnap me so rudely? Where am I? Why can’t I contact my parents? What do you want with me? Who are you people and you better take me back home right this instant!” I bellowed the words out in babbling mess. “Kamryn, its okay, calm down, we will answer ALL of your questions.” The lady continued, “my name is Ms. Howler, this is Chief,” she pointed too the FBI dude sitting across from me, “this is Max,” the other FBI dude standing by the door nodded once at me, “and this is Mr. Kay,” she pointed to the cool guy also sitting across form me, his smile was really warm, “Now, I will answer the easy questions first and- WHAT DO YOU MEAN EASY? I WANT YOU TO TAKE ME HOME THIS INSTANT!” I jumped up getting ready to storm out of the door whenever possible. I glanced to where I could escape. An FBI dude was standing in front of the door! I glared at all of them. “Kamryn! That is not lady-like behavior!” Ms. Howler said. I slumped down in my chair, “you’re not my mother” I murmured under my breath. “Now, if you will please let me continue without any more rude interruptions then I will guarantee that you’ll get all the correct answers you want.” Ms. Howler barked, “The reason why you can’t contact your parents is because this is under CIA responsibility! Top Secret! And you WILL NOT go babbling to your parents until we say.” I kept my head down, ashamed of myself that I threw a temper-tantrum. “You are at the CIA Command Base. And I am going to be your buddy. I am going to tell you all your instructions and you will report back to me. Do you understand?” what is she talking about? Instructions? The CIA? “Yes, I understand,” I lied. “Good. The question about kidnapping you and what we want with you are the same,” stated Ms. Howler, “we needed to examine and… introduce you to your powers.” “What?” that was all I could say. Do I have powers? How is that possible? I am not ready to save the world. These people are bizarre! “You are probably thinking we are insane but, Kamryn, so far we have figured out that you have the ability to turn invisible and, hmmm… how do I say this? Ah! And control one or more minds! Isn’t this just wonderful? How lucky you are!” Ms. Howler was way excited, her eyes changed a shade of lime green. “Hey,” Mr. Kay said, “why don’t you change invisible for us.” I stared at him in bewilderment, then I can just escape! “Okay!” I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to concentrate real hard. “Invisible, invisible, invisible!” I opened my eyes and everyone was staring at me, it seemed like their eyes were pooped out of their sockets! I raised my hand, I am invisible! “Wow Kamryn,” Mr. Kay said, “you are invisible!” He reached over to touch me, but I was already on my way to the door. “Max!” he yelled. I easily dodged Max’s big hands and dashed out of the door. “She is already out the door!” max yelped, “I couldn’t get a grip!” I ran down the hallway as fast as I can, making way for the room I took a shower in. An alarm sounded and a ladies voice was explaining the runaway girl. ‘Hey! They’ve got my purse! I need that.’ I spun around, ‘I’ve must’ve lost them, they’re no where to be seen.’ I sprinted back to the conference room. Max was standing there and I spotted my purse in his gigantic hands. I looked around for a distraction, my invisibility was still in progress and I was sneaky about being very quiet. I carefully walked to the table and grabbed a large dictionary; fortunately Max glanced out to the hallway so I could make my move. I chucked the dictionary in the opposite direction of me. He jumped up and dropped the purse so I ducked to grab it and ran. I was down the hallway again, he yelled after me. ‘How am I gonna get out of here? I don’t even know where the front door is!’ I turned down a hallway I have never been in. At the end I saw an elevator and I raced to get to it. It has to have a lobby button or something! My invisibility was wearing off. I got to the elevator and kept jabbing the button until I heard it ding. The doors started sliding open and invisibility was totally worn off now. I heard Ms. Howler talking to Chief, “search every inch of the building. I do not want her escaping.” “Yes ma’am.” he saluted and marched off. I was hidden behind a love-seat that I pushed back enough to fit me. After Chief marched off she elegantly galloped out of the elevator but came to a halt. A frightened look swept across her face. She tried to shove the couch back while I was thinking invisible. I wasn’t concentrating because she was squishing me. She peeked around the corner of the couch and gasped. I skidded to the elevator doors that were starting to shut. Ms. Howler let me escape; she didn’t even try to capture me. She just stared at me. I slipped into the elevator. There were nine buttons. First lobby, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, a button you press when there is a fire and then a penthouse button. Penthouse? I thought only hotels had penthouses and this is CIA headquarters. I was anxious to get out of here but my curiosity overruled me. ‘Curiosity killed the cat.’ I ignored the safe side off me and slammed my finger into the penthouse button. My stomach lurched when the elevator pulled me to the penthouse. There was jazz music playing, what I call elevator music! I passed the third floor and the elevator unexpectedly came to a stop at the fourth floor. Crap. The doors started sliding open.  I thought invisible and became out of sight. There were two men that stepped inside, they looked like all the other FBI dudes here but they weren’t FBI, they were CIA. I shrunk back to a corner to get far away from them. They started speaking in French. I had no idea what they were saying. All of a sudden they came to a stance like they were about to pounce on someone, but instead they reached their hands out and frantically searched. One of them caught hold of my shoulder and yelled something in French. The other man stepped toward me and grabbed me too. The elevator stopped at the penthouse and the doors slid open they yanked me with them. “No!” I yelled. “Let me go!” they just tightened their grip on me. One of them spoke into a Bluetooth, again in French. The penthouse was large and spacious; the walls were glass windows looking down to the city. There were big sofas with a plasma screen T.V. in the wall. I glanced out the sparkling windows and saw the school I go to. Berry Junior High. I only saw it for a couple of seconds because they swept me into a hallway. They knocked on an emerald green door, probably Ms. Howler’s door. “Come in” she said. The men pulled me into a room that was also spacious and the walls were glass. The lady had an expressionless face and she gestured the men away so we can talk in private. She had glasses on; her eye color was now greenish-bluish. “Sit down Kamryn.” I sat down. “Very impressive, you know, your skills will help us a lot.” Ms. Howler said. I snorted. “I don’t care. I need to go home. How long has it been? Ugh.” She ignored me and continued on, “you have no idea how you’ll life will change, Kamryn.” She looked me straight in the eye and whispered, “You’ll… be… a… hero.” I was being jovial and started chuckling really loud. “HA!” I bellowed. “A HERO! CAN’T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE? I DON’T WANNA BE A STUPID SPY! GET THAT IN YOUR HEAD! THAT IS WHY I’VE BEEN BEING SO MEAN LATELY! HA!” I was furious. Her eyes were bulging out in shock, her face stunned. She didn’t say a thing. She stood up, walked straight over to the door-without even glancing-and pressed a red button on a tiny keypad. She finally turned around and said, “If that is what you want… then fine.” She pressed down the tiny button with all her force and walked back over to her seat. “But, there is one thing that you must know. People will be searching for you. Only 7 lucky kids in the world have this very, very special talent. Some of them are old and some of them are babies without this power yet. You get this power when you are in the age range of 14-17,” She kept cautioning me, “There are people like you that will kill and destroy for money or anything they want. There are people like you that are undercover and stop all the bad people. But there are also people that are and aren’t like you that are either jealous or selfish. Those people don’t want you. They want to destroy you because they are jealous, selfish or they don’t want you stealing all their money and braking into banks.”  We started hearing footsteps coming towards us so she quickened her pace, “they’ll stop you at any cost… they will kill you Kamryn,” a big bang knocked on the door but Ms. Howler kept talking, “they have ways to find you and they will soon know that you exist. Make up your mind,” two other loud thumps knocked on the door, “we will be waiting for your call.” She handed me a card with a name saying ‘ROBERT DINERO’ and a phone number. I snorted again. The door burst open, “Ms. Howler,” Max said, “we got your call.” There was a bigger man with him. He had pale skin and red hair. “Good,” she said, “take her home.” Max’s mouth fell open. “but… you… I… she…home?” he stuttered. “Yes,” Ms. Howler said, “and make it snappy.” She swiveled her chair around, facing the view of the big city. “Hey!” I barked. Ms. Howler yanked around facing me now. “Don’t say that Kamryn. You wanted to leave.” She said in a harsh voice and swiveled back around. The men grabbed my arms and lifted me up. I let my body limp as they held me on one of their shoulders out of the building.

                                         Chapter 4

                            Different path


They told me my excuse was simply: my shift was longer because someone one was gone. My parents had no problem with that. All they said was: you look exhausted sweetie! Go get some rest. It was only seven o’clock but my parents were right. I really was exhausted.  I flopped on my bed and fell right to sleep.

     That night I had a nightmare.

I was in that same white room at the CIA headquarters. But I was the lady that was looking down at a young man.

     I figured it was some sort déjà vu because it was like I would grow-up to be like Ms. Howler kidnapping innocent people to ruin their lives. I shuddered at the thought. I decided to go downstairs and I slumped on the sofa when I got down. All the windows in the house were open and the sun reflected off the giant mirror we have above our piano and blinded me in the eyes. My mom appeared in front of me and said, “sweetie, your father and I are going on our 19 anniversary! Don’t you remember? We are going on a cruise…” I slowly drained out the words. I do not remember her telling me anything about their anniversary. How could this be? “Honey,” my mom snapped, “are you listening to me? Are you ill?” her forehead creased in worry and that made me answer as quickly as a bullet coming out of a gun, almost cutting her off, “NO MOM!” I blurted out, “I mean, no, of course I am not ill. Um… what did you say?” she rolled her eyes. “I said… we are leaving for the airport right now and kind of in a hurry! We will take a taxi down there since you aren’t old enough to drive and we will be back in a week. Don’t you remember me telling you this?” my father strolled into the room; he was struggling with his and my moms luggage. “WES GET DOWN HERE,” he yelled, “DON’T YOU WANNA SAY BYE?” then he turned his attention to me, “hello Kammy…” the taxi’s honk stopped him, “and now good-bye!” He set down the luggage and I ran over to hug him. “BEAR HUG!” we said at both the same time and laughed then he wheeled around to face Wesley waiting at the bottom of the stairs whom he, too, gave a bear hug and I was already squeezing my mother. “See you mom!” I said and backed away so Wes could hug her then they rushed out the door. We waved frantically and blew kisses at them as they drove away. “Well, that went by fast,” I muttered, “I don’t even remember them telling me about the cruise!” “You’ve got some serious issues, Kammy.” My brother retorted, “they have been planning that cruise for years!” humph! Maybe I do have some serious issues! “Hey, Wesley, you wanna play some Wii?” I asked. We had a white Wii with lots of games and 4 controllers -one controller far each person of my family- it is fun to play when you are bored. “Sure! Let’s play Mario Kart! I am the master at that game!”


Sunday went by real fast. I am already getting my clothes on for school. Ugh -Junior High- my favorite. I brushed my teeth and grabbed my backpack. “WES!” I yelled, “HURRY UP! WE’RE GONNA BE LATE!” I grabbed a poptart and the phone rang. “Hello?” I answered, “oh mom! Hi mom! Well your right! Ya, ya, we’re on our way now. Oh come on mom we’re in a hurry! Okay, here he is.” WES MOM WANTS TO TALK TO YOU! “Bye mom love ya and tell dad I love him too!” Wes ran down the stairs and grabbed the phone, “hey mom. Ok, ya! Ok, love you and dad! Talk to you later!” he clicked the phone off. “Finally!” I snorted, “I have got a poptart for you.” And with that, we dashed out the door. We walk to school along a zigzaggy path; it only takes about seven minutes to get there. Today I am especially nervous because ninth grade soccer stars are trying out for the high school team! I love soccer and-ya, you guessed it- I am pretty good at it. I have got my soccer gear already in my bag. Wes is only in eighth and is old for an eighth grader but he doesn’t like soccer. We entered the noisy hallway with people scattered everywhere, talking to their friends or goofing around. I spotted my best friend and shoved people out of the way to get to her. “See ya, Wes, go find some of your friends.” And we both went different directions. “Paige!” I screamed over all the noise. She had really short brown hair that she likes to put in a fohak but her bangs bring out the feminine side of her. They are sprawled all across her forehead. We are both soccer all-stars and plan on making the team together. “Hey Kammy!” she yelled and we squeezed each other in a big hug. “So, you excited for the try-outs today?!” she asked. “HECK YES I AM!” I bellowed and no one seemed to notice except Paige since it was so noisy! “How ‘bout you?” I asked her back. “I’ve never been more ready!” she answered. An annoying screech was loud in the background. “Time for class!” I told Paige and we shoved our ways to our locker. Geometry went by real fast, same as English, but Science was the worst. We got new table partners today and my table partner is Margaret Chumps. She is the GEEKIEST person (of course with her twin brother Arnold Chumps) in the whole world! Okay, I guess I am over exaggerating just a little bit… okay I am over exaggerating. But those twins are seriously the nerdiest AND geekiest students in ninth grade! I am being mean and it is sad that they get bullied and teased everyday. But that ain’t my problem, huh? “Hey Kamryn!” she yelled from across the room. Oh no. “Hey, hey, hey!” she said in her plugged-nose voice, like she was talking in the back of her throat in a high pitch shriek, she had a weird way to speak, too. “I can’t believe we are partners! We are going to have so much fun, fun, funny, fun! He, he, he!” she giggled. Her hair was red, her face was red, her clothes were red, her glasses were red and even her braces were red! How much more red can there be? She skipped over to our table and pulled out a red notebook. Ugh… “Uh ya.” Is all I could say. “GOOD! GOOD! I WILL COME OVER TO YOUR HOUSE TO WORK AFTER SCHOOL!” she screamed, her eyes were bulging out excitedly. “Ummm… Margaret, I don’t think that will be appropriate… I- OH DON’T WORRY I HMMMMMMMMMMM I WILL JUST COME OVER ANYWAY WE CAN BE BEST BUDS YOU KNOW LIKE BFF’S! I CAN’T WAIT! OH SO MUCH, SO MUCN FUN, FUNNY, FUN, FUN! I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO YOUR-” the speaker cut her off just like she cut me off. “Mrs. Chelli please send Margaret Chumps down to the office for check out, Margaret Chumps. Thank you.” “OH GOODY! I GET NEW BRACES TODAY! WAHOO!” Margaret crowed, “of course I will still be able to come to your house though, Kamryn! Buh-bye!” she dashed out the door before I could say anything. GRRRR! Can this get any worse? Oops. I better not say that. I will just have to call her after school. Wait… I won’t even be here after school. I have soccer try-outs! Thank you soccer! I just noticed that everyone in the room was staring at me. Man, that Margaret is sure annoying. I will not be best buds with her, never! My cheeks flushed a bright red. I wasn’t the type for attention. I loved attention when I played soccer but definitely not when I have an embarrassing moment. Science went on, you know… the usual and I hurried to lunch. “KAMMY… KAMMY… KAMRYN!” Paige was yelling her head off and motioning me towards her. I had an apple in one hand and pink lemonade in the other. “That’s all you are gonna eat, Kammy?” Paige asked, “you’re gonna starve!” she pointed to my food with a worried look but asked me teasingly. “I’m not hungry.” I mumbled. “Oh ya! Margaret Chumps wants to be your best bud!” she bellowed and burst out into a laughing spasm. I scanned the room, making sure no one heard that. “Oh, shut up Paige,” I shot back, “I’m not going to be her friend, plus, we have soccer try-outs so she can’t come to my house after school anyway.” “WHAT?! She was gonna come to your house?! OMG!” She laughed her guts out. I glared at her and plumped down on the bench next to her. “Stop laughing,” I hissed, “I think I’m gonna spew!” she cut her laughing off immediately, “you better go to the bathroom!” and I was already out the cafeteria doors.

                           . . .


It was like my stomach was screaming. I must’ve caught something on. The only thing I knew was feeling dizzy and hitting my head in the bathroom floor. I ended up in the emergency room. I had a mess of needles stabbed into me with fluids going through them. I was inside some ugly hospital gown with a nurse standing over me. “You have woken up.” she sweetly said and dazzled a smile down to me. “Ummm…” I mumbled, “what happened?” my head was throbbing. “You fell and hit you head on the hard bathroom floor.” She switched around and snatched some medicines, then immediately after that she asked the basic question any other nurse asks, “how do you feel?” I could only get a tiny “fine” out but she kept talking as if I didn’t say anything, “I have got Tylenol, Aspirin, Aleve… Name your choice.” She kept smiling down that dazzling smile. I had to admit, I was aching in my head and even in my stomach. But I wanted to get out of here and that means to stay alert. “I don’t want any of that. I want to call my parents. Do they know what happened? What time is it?” I remembered about soccer tryouts and bolted up so to sit in the uncomfortable bed. I heard something tear from my fast action and I saw a flash of red hair when the skinny nurse swung by me. I plopped right back on the bed, knocked out.


                                                     . . .   


I woke up again. But this time, I was in my normal clothes with no needles stuck in me. I was just lying in my bed. No one was in the room. The nurse must be off running some other errand. I examined the room, just in case someone was in the room I would know… I didn’t know why I did that, though. I jumped out of bed and grabbed a Tylenol. My head was still throbbing so I swallowed it without even using any water. If this is my only chance of getting out of here, then I’ll take the risk. I need to know what time it is. I can’t miss tryouts, I just can’t. I snuck into the hallway. I shouldn’t get caught; I don’t even need to sneak. I will just pretend to be a regular costumer visiting my granny that just barely had a heart attack. I casually walked down the hallway. I turned the corner and stopped mid-step where I was. I heard very familiar voices, ones that I didn’t want to hear. They were getting closer. “I know Max, we need her. I am not kidding either,” Ms. Howler snapped, “I WILL get her to do this for us, don’t worry.” At that split second, they turned the corner facing me. I could have just blurred out of sight because, to my advantage, I have fast reflexes. But, there was something holding me back, like my feet were glued to the floor. It was like I wanted to help them. I am going to go a whole different path.

                                             Chapter 5



“So, Kamryn, what do you think?” Ms. Howler asked. I didn’t really trust her. But what not to trust? Well, she did have me captured in a crazy way. That is one thing that I sure put on my ‘What not to Trust in Ms. Howler List’. But, everything else, I mean, as far as I know, she is in charge of this whole CIA thing. She has no right to kill me and she is against these people killing me. I don’t know if I should trust her or not. “Well…” the whole thing just sounds funny! I will go into training for 3 weeks, where I will somehow learn everything I need to know… as a matter of fact, they actually gave me a list of what I am going to learn! Here it is:


‘Students need to learn and be capable of the following {3 weeks max.:’

·        Fluent in 2 languages[English speaking] (not including their own):



·        Average GPA for young students:


·        Martial Arts:


     Kung Fu

·        Guns/weapons

·        Disguises

·        Stealth

·        Survival

·        Basics

·        Gadgets

·        Water:




·        Air:



·        Land:




·        Safety/medical

·        Advanced Operations:

          Special powers

I don’t know what the heck they are talking about half the time. I don’t even know what kinds of things I am going to be getting myself into! This is crazy! “Sure, sure. I agree. But this list sounds insane!” I told them. Ms. Howler was with Max and Mr. Kay. The two men were wearing suits and Ms. Howler had her hair pinned up in a tight bun, wearing a fleece skirt and sweater. How do you expect me to learn all this in only 3 weeks? I am deathly afraid of heights too! I can’t go jumping off a plane! This is bizarre.” I shuddered at the thought of jumping off a plane. I have already missed soccer tryouts too. Something I have trained and looked forward to since my first day in Junior High! Now I have wasted all that valuable time. “FOR HEAVENS SAKE! I MISSED THE TRYOUTS TO MY FAVORITE SPORT AND I PRACTICED 3 WHOLE YEARS!” I bellowed. “Kamryn,” Ms. Howler said softly, “there is no need to be yelling at us like that. Now sit down. And we can’t see you anywhere!” Apparently I was standing up... and invisible. Max instantly stood up, but Ms. Howler warned him to not take any action. Mr. Kay was just sitting there relaxed enjoying the moment, like a cool guy. I slowly faded back to my normal self and Max sat back down. All three of them glanced at each other and I heard Ms. Howler quickly add to the list, whispering to them, “anger management lessons would be helpful, too.” I plopped back onto the lazy chair I was sitting on. “Ugh” I sighed, and they all laughed. I rolled my eyes and gestured them to go on. This time Mr. Kay spoke, “Kamryn, Kamryn, Kamryn!” he sang, “sweety, this is the CIA! We can get you on the best soccer team in the world if we wanted to! Don’t worry.”

He smiled, and again everyone laughed. I sat up straighter then smiled (I was hopeful, maybe they will put me on the best soccer team in the world!) and asked “really?” and they chuckled. “Of course, Kamryn,” Ms. Howler said, “you will even think that jumping off Mount. Everest is no big deal after these three weeks.”


                                                      . . .


The worst and most embarrassing thing about the S.O.T. was that the only people training were young boys. Well, probably a little older than a teen. 19 at the most. But they were boys. I was the youngest, the weakest, the scardy-cat, and the clumsiest of all! I also have the lamest name ever. They call me Plum! PLUM! What sort of code name is that? They have cool ones. The commander of the group (not really the commander because he wasn’t, everyone just likes and follows him) is named Ace. He is tall, skinny, wiry, buff… and handsome! Of course, I am too young for them though. Ace has midnight black hair cropped short that shines in the sun. We all wear camo uniforms (except when learning languages and martial arts… stuff like that). Another guy is named Kilo. He is African American and has very, very dark skin. His hair is also black and cropped short and he his tall, skinny, wiry. The next dude is Rusti, even he is tall and skinny but he has dark brown hair like mine, cropped short like everyone else’s. The last guy is a change though. Not too much of a change, but a change. This guy is Quibet. He is short. About as tall as me and I am average for a ninth grade. He is very tan, he is beautiful. I am pretty sure he is Hawaiian. Quibet has dimples on both cheeks too! I don’t like his name though. His name sounds too Indianish and he is Hawaiian! Even if he is short, I don’t care. At least I will be able to look him in the eyes! Kamryn, Kamryn! Man am I a hopeless romantic! But that thought shook out of my head when a sharp whistle rang in my ears. All five of us marched into a perfect horizontal line. We were outside in front of the cabin we were staying in, 5 miles from the CIA command base, surrounded by a flat landscape with a small lake and training exercises with a tall tower in the middle of everything. Except there were two hills bulging out about a quarter mile away. Before we went to bed they pushed my bed to a far corner, joking about me being a girl. I had complications getting dressed that morning but they said they’d leave for me to get dressed. “ACE” Sergeant Game screamed. “YES SIR!” Ace replied with a solute. “KILO” “YES SIR!” “RUSTI” “YES SIR!” “QUIBET” “YES SIR!” Sergeant Game hesitated and turned to look at me. The others giggled. I glared at them. “P-PLUM!?” Sergeant Game half asked half screamed. “Yes sir” I said in a normal voice still glowering. “I SAID… PLUM!!!!!!!” The sergeant screamed and than literally everyone laughed their guts out. I have never seen them cry until this day. I thought they were tougher than that. “Yes sir” I said again, but than decided to scream as loud as I can to get everyone to shut up, “YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”                     

Nobody even stopped laughing. That made me really mad. I have already been in S.O.T. for two weeks and every day this happened. I have had enough. I slowly faded away and used my mind trick to make everyone do as I say. Unfortunately, they are immune to my mind tricks since I used it on them all the time. But fortunately, that made them stop laughing their guts out. And Sergeant Game screamed, “PLUM YOU GET BACK HERE NOW… THAT IS A COMMAND.” Grrrrrr… I didn’t even go anywhere but I did as Game said and blinked back to life. “HUMBUG.” The chief announced, which is a word he has never even said before… as far as I know of. I got back in line while Game yelled orders at us, “SPLIT UP IN TWO TEAMS. WE WILL BE GOING INTO THE FIELD TODAY,” he glanced at me and smirked, “DON’T WORRY. WE WON’T BE IN A REAL FIELD, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. WE WILL BE SHOOTING EACHOTHER WITH PRETEND GUNS. IN OTHER WORDS WE ARE TRAINING TO KILL EACHOTHER. He, he, he.” We split up into teams. Game was going to play. Not fair everyone says, so they argued of the Sergeant and left me with the team that doesn’t have Sergeant Game. “OBJECT OF THE GAME:” Game continued, “LAST TEAM ALIVE WINS!” he bellowed. And we set off into the field. I was with Ace and Kilo. They left me behind to guard the base. I tried to argue with them but they just ignored me. We don’t even have a base! I will just have to ignore them myself and set off for my own. I heard a shotgun go off, so that must mean the game starts. I was nervous. I wasn’t in for this kind of stuff. Ace and Kilo were already out of sight. I went towards the sound of an AK47. I saw some boots and right at that second I was slammed on my back. “Whoa!” I yelled. What was that? Did I get shot? I couldn’t be dead. Game said that this was training. Not a real exercise. It felt like my back was shattered into a million different pieces and I couldn’t put it back together… Humpty Dumpty… I shook my head and jumped up on my feet, which was a very bad idea because I was slammed right back down. What the CRAP is this? Some kind of joke? I started to army crawl to cover. My eyes scanned the perimeter. I became invisible and ran like the wind. I do have fast reflexes, so one of my advantages is running real fast. The shooting was in a different place now and I wanted to participate in the war. I needed the training and this is the only way to get better. I thought of all this in only a second, then I arrived. I was in the middle of everything. Ace was screaming orders to Kilo while Kilo was blasted off his feet by Sergeant Game. Rusti and Quibet we cornering Ace. I should be helping my team! What a shame that Ace told me to stay behind. The more the merrier! I turned around to face Quibet and Rusti and pulled the trigger if my own AK47… Ms. Howler doesn’t expect me to use guns at all but this is the basic training. I don’t think I even have the guts to shoot someone. Of course unless I knew it wouldn’t kill them or anything like that… the blast of the gun pulled me back. I hit both Quibet and Rusti. They were knocked down to the ground and Game saw them than screamed, “WHO WAS THAT? NO, NO! PLUM! REVEAL YOURSELF NOW! YOU ARE CHEATING!” I dashed to cover and revealed myself. I kneeled down and screamed back to the sergeant, “HERE I AM SIR!” Quibet must’ve seen me because right when I was out of invisibility state, someone pounded fake bullets into me and the only person that was shooting at the time was Quibet. I thought I shot him! Humph. It must be infinity life, but than which team would win? All of a sudden, another shotgun blast echoed through the forest. All the AK47s were quiet and after that, everything happened too fast. Game ushered us back to our cabin where we got a break for what was left of the day. “What was that all about?” I asked the boys while they were playing cards, leaving me out like always. I was lying on my bed reading a magazine. They ignored me so I stomped over to them and asked again, “what was that all about?” Rusti was the one that answered me, “what do you think? It was a training exercise of course!” I glared at him. He didn’t get what I was trying to say. “I mean, it was, like, all wild and crazy! I didn’t even know what was happening most of the time.” Ace won a card game so he bellowed “YES!” and did a little victory dance. Everyone laughed around him except me. They didn’t answer my question one bit. “Oh, ya!” Ace told me, “Ms. Howler wants to talk to you. You better hurry because she said it is important.”